The KinderGarten is housed in a separate section with well protected and extremly conducive environment for overall development of kids. This section is fully modernized, well designed and equipped with audio-visual aids to provide congenial environment both for independent and guided activities while kids learn through play way method. As part of KinderGarten, there is a DreamLand where kids can enjoy jet-boating and thrilling swings.


The school has well equipped Science Laboratories for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These Labs provide ample opportunities to the students to do their practical work and conduct investigative and original scientific experiments. The school also houses a Computer Lab. The training on Computers prepares the students for facing the challenges of the technological era. This school has, therefore, provided well equipped computer lab for students.


The school has a Rich and Spacious Library in a majestic hall with diverse range of books and magazines. The library is genuinely furnished.